Current Issue
June, 2022

  • Vol. 11 No. 02
Review Article
  • Evaluation Methods for Healing Agriculture

    Minju Kim, Hae-Jin Choi, and Songmun Kim

    Healing agriculture is emerging for sustainable development of rural communities where population reduction is a severe problem in Korea ...

Research Article
  • Baseline Sensitivity of Scirpus juncoides and Monochoria vaginalis Populations to HPPD Inhibitors in Korea

    In Kon Park, Umurzokov Mirjalol, Aung Bo Bo, Hoyong Shin, Kwang Min Cho, Kee Woong Park, and Jeung Joo Lee

    The study was conducted to evaluate the baseline sensitivity index (BSI) of Scirpus juncoides and Monochoria vaginalis populations ...

  • Plant Physiological Action Characteristics of Artificial Sweetner Sucralose

    Jin-Seog Kim, Bo Gwan Kim, Jae Deok Kim, and Jung-Sup Choi

    This study was conducted to know the action physiology of sucralose and its characteristics to Lemna paucicostata (LEMPA), Spirodela polyrhiza (SPIPO) and ...

  • Herbicidal Characteristics of Mixture of Mevalocidin and Clomazone at Foliar Application

    Jin-Seog Kim, Bo Gwan Kim, Jung-Sup Choi, Eun Ae Kim, Jae Deok Kim, and Young Kwan Ko

    This study was conducted to know that how the herbicidal interactions and its characteristics were exhibited in various plants, when the clomazone inhibiting ...

  • Screening of Plant Extracts for Fungicidal Activities on Large Patch Pathogen

    Jae-Gyeong Jung, Eun-Ji Bae, Jun-Hyuck Yoon, Eon-Ju Jin, and Kwon-Seok Jeon

    For natural turfgrass school grounds, the public tends to object to using chemical control due to negative perceptions about the use of chemical disinfectants and ...

  • Seaweed Extracts and Potassium Rates as Late Fall Application for Kentucky bluegrass Spring Green-Up

    Sang-Kook Lee

    Seaweed extracts have been used to improve resistance ability to drought and cold temperature because they contain a wide range of ...

  • Inhibition of Shoot Growth in the Kentucky Bluegrass by Application of Mepiquat-Chloride

    Young-Sun Kim, Hyeok-Jae Heo, Jeong-Ho Youn, and Geung-Joo Lee

    This study was conducted to evaluate the inhibition effect of mepiquat-chloride (MC) on the growth of Kentucky bluegrass (Poa pratensis) by investigating ...

  • Water Permeability Rate Measured by Both On-site Infiltrometer and Constant-head Permeameter under Loamy Sand Soil and California Soil System

    Kyoung Nam Kim

    This research was initiated to compare water permeability rate measured by both on-site infiltrometer and constant-head permeameter under anysoil ...

  • Comparative Analysis of Ethylene Response Factors (ERF1, ERF2) in Three Zoysiagrasses

    Chetan Kaur, Young-Sun Kim, and Geung-Joo Lee

    The APETALA2/ethylene response factor (AP2/ERF) gene family is known to play a key role in the regulating expression ...

  • Current Status of Inflow Attention Plants in Korea and Their Occurrence Characteristics

    In-Yong Lee, Jin-Won Kim, Seung-Hwan Kim, Yong-Ho Lee, and Sun-Hee Hong

    As of December 31, 2021, 398 species have been designated as of 'inflow attention species' in Korea. In order to identify the current status and occurrence ...

Research Note
  • Prediction of Habitat Expansion and Invasion Risk Assessment of Spartina anglica and Spartina alterniflora in Korea

    Gaeun lee, Taeyang Choi, Pradeep Adhikari, Yong-Ho Lee, In Yong Lee, and Sun-Hee Hong

    Spartina anglica and S. alterniflora are highly hazardous alien species that grow on mudflats and are listed among the world’s 100 worst invasive alien weeds. In Korea, these ...

  • Herbicidal Characteristics of Streptomyces cinereoruber Culture Broth Filtrate

    Jung Sup Choi, Young Sook Kim, Kyoung Soo Jang, He Kyoung Lim, Kwang Min Cho, and Kee Woong Park

    Due to the toxicity issues of synthetic herbicides, microbe-derived herbicides are currently emerging as attractive alternatives to ...

  • Effect of Climate Change on Winter Weeds Based on Early Growth and Seed Production of Common Henbit (Lamium amplexicaule) and Spiny Sowthistle (Sonchus asper) under Elevated Temperature

    Jin-Won Kim, Hyun-A Seo, and Hyeon-Woo Jeong

    Weed & Turfgrass Science 11권 1호에 게재된 논문의 사사 중 과제번호가 잘못 기재되어 있어 바로잡습니다. ...