Improvement of Physicochemical Properties and Turfgrass Growth by Root Zone Mixture of Soil Amendment ‘Profile’

Young-Sun  Kim12   Hye-Jung  Lim2   Soun-Kyu   Ham3   Geung-Joo  Lee4,*   

1Hyosung O&B Co. Ltd.
2Taejun Agrotech Co. Ltd.
3Daejung-golf Engineering Co. Ltd.
4Department of Horticultural Science, Chungnam National University


This study was conducted to evaluate incorporation ratio of soil amendment ‘Profile’ to improve soil physicochemical properties and turfgrass growth. The soil amendment was added 0 (sand only), 3, 5, 7, and 10% to USGA Green-spec green sand soil. As incorporated with more ‘Profile’ amendment, soil electrical conductivity (EC), cation exchangeable capacity (CEC), capillary porosity and total porosity of root zone were increased than those of control, while bulk density and hydraulic conductivity decreased. Turfgrass index and clipping yield of creeping bentgrass grown in sand soil incorporated with 7% ‘Profile’ were improved than those of control. Correlation coefficient of turf color index and incorporation ratio of the soil amendment ‘Profile’ was found to show significantly positive correlation. These results indicated that application of the soil amendment ‘Profile’ to sand soil in golf course green improved turfgrass growth and quality by increasing CEC and porosity of root zone.


This research was supported by the academic research fund of Chungnam National University.

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