Application of Liquid Fertilizer Containing Humate Improving Rhizosphere Activation and Favoring Turfgrass Quality

Young-Sun Kim1,2   Tae-Soon Lee1   Sung-Hyun Cho1,*   Geung-Joo Lee2,*   

1Hyosung O&B Co., Ltd.
2Department of Horticultural Science, Chungnam National University


This study was conducted to evaluate the effect of liquid fertilizer containing humate (LFH) on changes of turfgrass quality and growth by investigating visual quality, chlorophyll content, dry weight of clipping, and nutrient content in leaves tissue. Treatments were designed as follows; control fertilizer (CF), HF-1 (CF+1.0 mL m-2 LFH), HF-2 (CF+2.0 mL m-2 LFH), and HF-3 (CF+4.0 mL m-2 LFH). As compared with CF, soil chemical properties of LFH treatments were not significantly. Visual quality and root dry weight of LFH treatments were higher than that of CF. Chlorophyll content, clipping yield and nitrogen uptake of HF-2 and HF-3 were increased 11.2-11.8%, 15.3-30.0%, 22-42% by application of LFH. The LFH level was positively correlated with visual quality, chlorophyll content, clipping yield or nutrient uptake amount. These results indicated that the application of LFH improved the growth and quality of creeping bentgrass by increasing nutrient uptake and by prompting root growth.

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