Development of New Composition Containing Chaff Vinegar (Carbonized Solution of Rice Hull) as Active Ingredient for Controlling Harmful Algae and Moss

Bo Gwan Kim1   Jin-Seog Kim1,*   

1한국화학연구원 의약바이오연구본부 친환경신물질연구센터


In rice processing complex (RPC) industry, it is necessary to enhance an utilization of chaff vinegar (CV) produced from the carbonization of rice hull obtained after rice-polishing process as by-products. This study was conducted to develop the concentrated chaff vinegars [CV-B(EA) and CV-A(DP)] mixtures with other compounds having synergistic effects on the growth inhibition against a harmful blue-green alga and moss. Hydrogen peroxide, citric acid, anacardic acid and quinoclamine were selected to investigate interaction with the concentrated CV and found that they all exbited additive or synergistic effects in controlling M. aeruginosa. Among tested 4 compounds, hydrogen peroxide exhibited the best algicidal synergistic activity in mixture with the concentrated CV against M. aeruginosa, and CV-B(EA)+H2O2 mixture also showed a good control to moss (Thuidium spp.) in the field experiment. Taken together, our results suggest that the concentrated chaff vinegars in combination with selected synergistic compounds can be used as an eco-friendly natural algicide for controlling harmful blue-green algaes such as M. aeruginosa and for the control of troublesome mosses in orchard, tree, cultural assets and container nursery.

Figures & Tables

Fig. 1. Interactions of CV-B(EA) with hydrogen peroxide (A), citric acid (B), anacardic acid (C), and quinoclamine (D) on the growth inhibition of M. aeruginosa.