Nitrogen Efficiency and Shoot Growth of Creeping Bentgrass after Application of Slow Release Nitrogen Fertilizer

Young-Sun Kim1,2,*   Chang-Eun Lee3   Geung-Joo Lee4,*   

1Division of Life and Environmental Science, Daegu University, Gyeongsan 38453, Korea
2Institute of Natural Sciences, Daegu University, Gyeongsan 38453, Korea
3C&L Chemical Co., Ltd., Seoul 03938, Korea
4Department of Horticulture and Department of Smart Agriculture Systems, Chungnam National University, Daejeon 34134, Korea


This study was conducted to evaluate effects of two slow release nitrogen (N) fertilizers (SRF) blending isobutylidene diurea (IBDU) or methylene urea (MU) on growth, quality and N uptake of creeping bentgrass. Treatments were designed as follow; non-fertilizer (NF), control fertilizer (CF), SRF-1 (IBDU 10%, MU 23%), and SRF-2 (MU 33%). As applied SRF, visual quality, shoot length, clipping yield, top-root (T/R) ratio and N uptake of creeping bentgrass was increased than that of CF. Amount of N uptake was positively correlated to visual quality, shoot length, total chlorophyll content, clipping yield, and dry weight of shoot and root (p<0.01). N efficiency of SRF-1 and SRF-2 increased by 39% and 61% than that of CF. These results demonstrated that application of slow release nitrogen fertilizer improved turfgrass quality and shoot growth of creeping bentgrass by prompting N uptake.

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