Biological Properties of 0 Day After Transplantation Herbicide, Fenquinotrione · pyraclonil · pyrazosulfuron-ethyl GR, in Paddy Rice Fields

In-Yong  Lee1   Chan-Young  Kwon 2   Ki-Chang  Lee2   Guy-Dong  Choi2   Sun-Hee  Hong1,*   

1School of Applied Science in Natural Resources & Environment, Hankyong National University, Anseong 17579, Korea
2NongHyup Chemical Co., Ltd., Seongnam 13591, Korea


For labor saving control of weeds in paddy fields, it is better to apply 0 DAT (day after transplantation) herbicide. Fenquinotrione·pyraclonil·pyrazosulfuron-ethyl granule is a newly developed herbicide that has a wide application range and is safe for rice. In particular, this herbicide can effectively control Monochoria vaginalis var. plantaginea, Scirpus juncoides etc., which are resistant to sulfonylurea-based herbicides. Since the 0 DAT herbicides are highly likely to cause damage to the rice, it is recommended to apply it after checking the condition of rice development, harrowing etc.

Figures & Tables

Fig. 1. Spray scene of 0 DAT herbicide (·pyraclonil·pyrazosulfuron-ethyl GR) in rice paddy fields. DAT: Day after transplantation. Photo source: NongHyup Chemical Co., Ltd.