Water Permeability Rate Measured by Both On-site Infiltrometer and Constant-head Permeameter under Loamy Sand Soil and California Soil System

Kyoung Nam  Kim1,*   

1Dept. of Environmental Design and Horticulture, College of Science and Technology, Sahmyook University, Seoul 01795, Korea


This research was initiated to compare water permeability rate measured by both on-site infiltrometer and constant-head permeameter under anysoil (loamy sand soil) and California systems and provide practical information applicable to turfgrass establishment and management. Significant differences were observed in water infiltration rate with soil system, season and method. Overall water permeability rate measured by on-site infiltrometer was 397.15 mm h-1 in California system and 1.13 mm h-1 in anysoil system, being 396.02 mm h-1 in differences. This rate was 350 times higher in California system over anysoil system. Regardless of season, California system showed rapid infiltration rate from 195 to 1,398 times higher than anysoil system. Data from constant-head permeameter indicated that overall average values of saturated infiltration rate were 414.77 and 122.80 mm h-1 for California system and anysoil systems, respectively, which were 291.97 mm h-1 in differences between two soil systems. This data means 2.37 times faster in California system over anysoil system. From this study, water permeability rate greatly varied with soil system and methods. Specially, the rate measured by on-site infiltrometer was 108 times lower under anysoil system of loamy soil when compared with that by constant head method. Use of on-site infiltrometer is not recommended for anysoil system. Considering soil aeration and drainage capacity, a sand-based system was better for turfgrass quality than loamy soil. Accordingly, it should be improved by mixing sand to increase macropore content in rootzone layer under anysoil system of loamy soil. Information on seasonal water permeability rate and saturated infiltration rate under both soil systems practically useful for turfgrass establishment and management.

Figures & Tables

Fig. 1. Overall infiltration rate measured by on-site infiltrometer under anysoil and California systems. Soil textural information for anysoil and California systems were described in Table 3. Bars with different letters are significantly different based on Duncan's multiple range test at =0.05.