Registration of Turfgrass Herbicide, Parandeul Plus

In-Yong  Lee1   Sung-Jun  Park2   Se-Rin  Jang2   Tae-Hyun  Oh2   Sun-Hee  Hong1,*   

1School of Applied Science in Natural Resources & Environment, Hankyong National University, Anseong 17579, Korea
2Farmhannong, Seoul 07320, Korea


‘Parandeul PlusⓇ’ (flazasulfuron·MCPA WG) is a herbicide for lawns registered by FarmHannong. This herbicide controls weeds by foliar treatment at the early stage of weed growth (within Digitaria ciliaris 3 leaf stage). Flazasulfuron, one of the main ingredients of Parandeul PlusⓇ, can effectively control Poaceae such as D. ciliaris, Echinochloa crus-galli, Poa annua, etc., broadleaved weeds such as Capsella bursa-pastoris, Chenopodium album, Conyza canadensis etc., as well as sedge weeds such as Cyperus microiria, C. rotundus, etc. In addition, MCPA can control broadleaf weeds such as Trifolium repens, Equisetum arvense, Rumex acetosella etc. by exhibiting plant hormone activity. This herbicide is safe for both the sprayer and the environment, but care must be taken when using it because it is harmful to western grass (bentgrass, Kentucky bluegrass etc.).

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