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March 2020

  • Vol. 9 No. 1
  • Status of Herbicides Registered in Korea Since the 1980s

    JinSang Yu, TaeHeon Lim, SungHwan Choi, DongWoon Lee*

  • Biological Control Using Plant Pathogens in Weed Management

    Aung Bo Bo, Botir Khaitov, Mirjalol Umurzokov, Kwang Min Cho, Kee Woong Park*, Jung Sup Choi*

  • Seed Germination Ecology of Giant Ragweed (Ambrosia trifida) in Korea

    Farrukh Ruziev, In Kon Park, Mirjalol Umurzokov, Botir Khaitov, Aung Bo Bo, Wei Qiang Jia, Le Thi Hien, Jung Sup Choi, Kee Woong Park*

  • Application of Mevalocidin as a New Plant Growth Regulator for Thinning and Lateral Shoot Induction

    Jin-Seog Kim*, Gyu Hwan Yon, Bo Gwan Kim, Jung-Sup Choi, Eun Ae Kim, Young Kwan Ko, Ill YoungLee

  • Using Digital Image Analysis to Quantify Turfgrass Growth and Disease

    Seog-Won Chang*

  • Dwarf Mutant Induction by Irradiation of Gamma-ray in Korean Lawngrass (Zoysia japonica)

    Eun-Ji Bae*, Chung-Yeol Kim, Jun-Hyuck Yoon, Chang-Hyun Sung, Eon-ju Jin

  • Growth and Quality of Creeping Bentgrass after Application of Livestock Liquid Fertilizer Containing Iron and Zinc

    Young-Sun Kim, Suon-Kyu Ham, Geung-Joo Lee*

  • Comparison of Urea and Methylene Urea at Four Mixing Depths on the Growth and Establishment of Poa pratensis L. in Sandbased Systems

    Sangkook Lee*, David D Minner, Nick E Christians

  • Effects of Liquid Fertilizer Foliar Application on Growth of Kentucky Bluegrass and Leaching of Nitrate, Phosphate and Potassium through Sand-based Soil Ground

    Yong-Sup Cho, Young-Rae Cho, Dong-Sup Kim, Geun-Mo Yang, Joon-Soo Choi*