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March 2022

  • Vol. 11 No. 1
  • Occurrence Characteristics and Management Plans of Ecosystem Disturbance Plants, Solanum carolinense

    In-Yong Lee, Seung-Hwan Kim, Yong-Ho Lee, Jae-Ho Ahn, and Sun-Hee Hong

  • Effects of Different Mulch Types on Weed Occurrence in Maize and Soybean Fields in Jeonnam Province and Weed Dominance Based on Population Growth Differences

    Hyun Hwa Park, Hee Kwon Kim, and Yong In Kuk

  • Effect of Climate Change on Winter Weeds Based on Early Growth and Seed Production of Common Henbit (Lamium amplexicaule) and Spiny Sowthistle (Sonchus asper) under Elevated Temperature

    Jin-Won Kim, Hyun-A Seo, and Hyeon-Woo Jeong

  • Herbicidal Action Physiology of Methiozolin in Lemna pausicostata

    Jin-Seog Kim, and Bo Gwan Kim

  • Effect of Triazole Fungicide on the Growth of Creeping Bentgrass and the Number of Fungi in the Soil

    Jae-Uk Jee, and Se-Chul Chun

  • Changes of Bacillus subtilis SA-15 in the Diluted Solution Mixing with Microbial Fertilizer and Pesticides

    Young-Sun Kim, and Geung-Joo Lee

  • Comparative In-silico Analysis of the Cold Responsive ICE1 and ICE2 Genes in Zoysiagrasses

    Chetan Kaur, Young-Sun Kim, Jeong-Ho Youn, Eun-Ji Bae, and Geung-Joo Lee

  • Biological Properties of 0 Day After Transplantation Herbicide, Fenquinotrione¬∑pyraclonil¬∑pyrazosulfuron-ethyl GR, in Paddy Rice Fields

    In-Yong Lee, Chan-Young Kwon, Ki-Chang Lee, Guy-Dong Choi, and Sun-Hee Hong