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September 2022

  • Vol. 11 No. 3
  • Safety and Registration Status of Glufosinate ammonium for Remover of Harmful Plants Derived from Soil Actinomycetes

    In-Yong Lee, Seung-Hwan Kim, Yong-Ho Lee, and Sun-Hee Hong

  • Changes in Hyperspectral Characteristics According to Weed Density in a Soybean Field

    Hye-Rin Hwang, Jae-Gyeong Jung, Se-Sil Hong, Ki-Eun Song, Sun-Hee Hong, and Sang-In Shim

  • Development of Loreclezole Derivatives K31565 and K31567 Having Highly Selective Algicidal Effects

    Jin-Seog Kim, Bo Gwan Kim, Yun Gyeong Hwang, Hee Seung Lim, Heejin Park, Byoung-Seok Lee, and Ill Young Lee

  • Isolation, Screening, and Molecular Identification of Streptomyces sp. W-200 and Its Bioherbicidal Activity in Weed Control

    Kwang Min Cho, Seung Cheol Shin, Aung Bo Bo, Mirjalol Umurzokov, WeiQiang Jia, Kee Woong Park Jung Sup Choi, and Young Sook Kim

  • A Study on the Actual Use of Pesticides on Natural Turfgrass School Playgrounds in Korea and the Perception of Chemical Pesticides among School Staffs

    Seog-Won Chang, Jeong-Ho Lee, Eun-Ji Bae, and Shin-Hu Kim

  • Control of Large Patch Disease in Zoysia japonica by Applying a Mixture of Bio-sulfur and Tebuconazole

    Young-Sun Kim, Eun-Ji Bae, Jae-Pil Lee, and Geung-Joo Lee

  • Study of Root Zone Thickness and Growth Response of Zoysia japonica, Zoysia matrella, and Paspalum vaginatum

    Rahayu, Sahrul Nugroho, and Geun-Mo Yang

  • Isolation and Characterization of NAC Family Genes Responding to Environmental Stress in Creeping Bentgrass

    Bo-Hwa Kim, Hyeon-Jin Sun, Hyo-Yeon Lee, and Hong-Gyu Kang

  • Registration of Paddy Rice Fields Herbicide, Threeback

    In-Yong Lee, Keun-Bok Jang, Young-Sik Choi, Kwang-Sik Kang, Byung-Soo Han, and Sun-Hee Hong

  • Current Status of Herbicide Ex officio Registration Test for Small-Area Cultivated Crops from 2019 to 2021

    In-Yong Lee, Jae-Eup Park, Seong-Hyeon Eom, Sang-Yeob Lee, Hong-Kyu Oh, Kwang-Ha Lee, and Sun-Hee Hong