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December 2017

  • Vol. 6 No. 4
  • Distribution, Classification, Breeding, and Current Use of Zoysiagrass Species and Cultivars in Korea

    Joon-Soo Choi

  • Current Status and Perspectives of Weed Science in Asia-Pacific Area

    In-Yong Lee, Jin-Won Kim, Sang-Su Kim, Hong-Jae Yoo, In-Seong Hwang, Kye-Hwan Lee, Nam-Gyu Cho, Dong-Guk Lee, Ki-Hwan Hwang, Ok Jae Won, Weiqiang Jia, Young-Kwan Ko, Jung-Sup Choi, Hyun-Suk Yeom, and Kee Woong Park*

  • Development of New Hybrid Zoysiagrass Cultivar ‘Seah’

    Joon-Soo Choi, Geun-Mo Yang, Eun-Ji Bae, Yong-Bae Park, and Kwang-Soo Lee2

  • Germination Enhancer and Wetting Agent for Quick Establishment of Kentucky bluegrass Cultivars

    Sang-Kook Lee

  • Microbial Fertilizer Containing Lactobacillus fermentum Improved Creeping Bentgrass Density

    Gi-Woong Jo, Young-Sun Kim, Soun-Kyu Ham, Eun-Ji Bae, Jae-Pil Lee, Doo-Hwan Kim, Woo-Sung Kim, and Geung-Joo Lee

  • Effect of Cool-season Grass Overseeding on Turf Quality, Green Period and Turf Density in Zoysiagrass Lawn

    Sang-Wook Han*, Ho-Sup Soh, Byoung-Rourl Choi, Seon-Yi Won, Sang-Deok Lee, and Chang-Sung Kang

  • Distribution of Cyhalofop-butyl and Penoxsulam Resistant Echinochloa spp. in Korean Paddy Fields

    Jeongran Lee, Jin-Won Kim, and In-Yong Lee

  • Glyphosate Resistant Conyza canadensis Occurring in Tangerine Orchards of Jeju Province of Korea

    Aung Bo Bo, Ok Jae Won, In Kon Park, Sug-Won Roh, and Kee Woong Park

  • Newly Recorded Noctuid Pest, Leucapamea askoldis (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) from Amur Silver Grass, Miscanthus sacchariflorus

    Young Hak Jung, Eun Ju You, Jong-Woong Ahn, Jung-Joon Park, Young- Moo Choo, Ho Yul Choo, and Dong Woon Lee*