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June 2019

  • Vol. 8 No. 2
  • Strategies of Eco-friendly Turfgrass Management And Resource Recycling for A Sustainable Golf Course

    Young-Sun Kim, Kyu-Seung Lee, Geung-Joo Lee*

  • Pollen-mediated Gene Flow from Herbicide Resistant Oilseed Rape (Brassica napus L.) to Its Relatives

    Bumkyu Lee*, Soo-In Sohn

  • Seed Dormancy Breaking, Germination and Salt Stress Response of the Highly Invasive Cordgrass (Spartina spp.)

    Jin-Seog Kim*, Bo Gwan Kim

  • Alternative Herbicides to Manage Unintentionally Released Transgenic Canola

    Mirjalol Umurzokov, In Ho Jeong, Farrukh Ruziev, Aung BoBo, WeiQiang Jia, Le Thi Hien, Botir Khaitov, Kwang Min Cho, Yoonha Kim, Hoonbok Yi, Jin-Woong Cho, Soo-In Sohn*, Kee Woong Park*

  • Resistance Levels of Ludwigia prostrata Roxb. Collected from Jeonnam Province to an ALS Inhibitor Penoxsulam by Soil, Seed, and Whole Plant Bioassays

    Se Ji Jang, Do Won Lee, Jang Yong Jeong, Young Beom Yun, Do Jin Lee, Jeongran Lee, Oh Do Kwon, Yong In Kuk*

  • A Comparative Study on Management Status of Natural Turfgrass and Artificial Turf Playgrounds in Elementary, Middle, and High Schools Nationwide

    Seog-Won Chang*

  • Correlation Analysis of Root Growth and Soil Physical Properties of Major Cool-Season Turfgrasses on USGA Soil Profile

    Kyoung-Nam Kim*

  • Effects of Foliar Spray Volumes and Concentrations of Liquid Fertilizer on Kentucky bluegrass (Poa pratensis) Growth

    Young-Rae Cho*, Yong-Sup Cho, Joon-Soo Choi

  • Manufacturing Porous Permeable Block using Wasted Residue come from Clipped-Grass Liquid Fertilizer Manufacturing Process

    Do Hyeong Kim, Byung Gon Jeong*

  • Germination Characteristics of Cat’s-Ear (Hypochaeris radicata)

    Jin-Won Kim, In-Yong Lee*

  • Distribution of Invasive Alien Species in Korean Croplands

    Jin-Won Kim, In-Yong Lee*, and Jeongran Lee