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September 2018

  • Vol. 7 No. 3
  • Emergence Characteristics of Weedy Rice under Flooding depth

    Woon-Ha Hwang*, Jae-Hyeok Jeong, Hyeon-Seok Lee, Tae-Sun Park, Seo-Young Yang, In-Bae Choi, Kyung-Jin Choi

  • Occurrence and Distribution of ALS Inhibiting Herbicide Resistant Paddy Weeds by Using Soil Test in Chungcheongbuk-Do of Republic of Korea

    Chae Young Lee*, Ye Seul Choi, Hee Doo Lee, Young Ho Kim, Seong Taek Hong, Sun Hee Woo, Jeongran Lee

  • Occurrence Patterns of Paddy Weeds and Distribution of Resistant Weeds to an ALS Inhibiting Herbicide in Jeonnam by a Soil Assay Method

    Jang Yong Jeong, Young Beom Yun, Se Ji Jang1, Kyu Hwn Hyun, Dong Young Shin, Jeongran Lee, Oh Do Kwon, Yong In Kuk*

  • Occurrence and Distribution of Herbicide Resistant Weeds in the Paddy Field of Chungnam Province

    Ok Jae Won, Wei Qiang Jia, Jeung Joo Lee, Jin-Won Kim, Jeongran Lee* and Kee Woong Park*

  • Occurrence and distribution of ALS inhibiting herbicide-resistant weeds in the paddy field of Gyeongnam province

    Yong Hyun Lee, Soo Yong Shim, Jin-Won Kim, Jeongran Lee, Kee Woong Park*, Jeung Joo Lee*

  • Control of Ragweed (Ambrosia artemisiifolia) of Mutant N-29 Broth Filtrate of Streptomyces scopuliridis KR-001

    Jae-Deok Kim, Young-Sook Kim, Hwa-Sook Kwak, Hye-Jin Kim, Youn-Me Lee, Young-Kwan Ko, Kee-Woong Park, and Jung-Sup Choi*

  • Development of New Cultivars ‘JangsungChorok’ and ‘JangsungSaetbyeol’ in Zoysiagrass

    Joon-Soo Choi*, Geun-Mo Yang, Chan-Jin Oh, Geung-Joo Lee, Eun-Ji Bae and Kwang-Soo Lee

  • Comparative Drought Resistances among Eleven Warm-Season Turfgrasses and Associated Plant Parameters

    Ki Sun Kim*, James B. Beard

  • Effect of Silicate Fertilizer Application on Zoysiagrass (Zoysia japonica Steud.) Field

    Eun-Ji Bae*, Chung-Yeol Kim, Jun Hyuck Yoon, Kwang-Soo Lee and Yong-Bae Park

  • Enhanced Phosphorous Uptake and Growth Improvement of Creeping Bentgrass after Application of Liquid Fertilizer Containing Humic acid and Saccharomyces cerevisiae Broth

    Ka Youn Lee, Young-Sun Kim, Sung-Hyun Cho, Geung-Joo Lee*

  • First Report of Red Thread of Kentucky Bluegrass (Poa pratensis L.) Caused by Laetisaria fuciformis on Golf Course in Korea

    Jung Han Lee, Jeong Ho Kim, Gyu Yul Shim*, Youn-Sig Kwak*

  • Seedling Plug and Cutting Method for Multipropagation of Ornamental Miscanthus Spp.

    Kyung Sik Hwang, Song Tak Joo, Soo Sung Ha, Ki Dong Kim, Young Kyoo Joo*

  • Brain Wave Response to Bottle Color of Herbicides and Non-selective Herbicides in Korea

    Minju Kim, Jieun Song, Kandhasamy Sowndhararajan, and Songmun Kim*